Best Review - Top 5 Alternatives to Google Search Engine

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Google search is one of the popular search engine on the internet. But due to panda update people are getting very vague and useless search results from the google. Many results are so manipulated and distorted that you don't get what you're looking for. You can get your work done by using the alternative search engines which shows search results better than panda updated google. If you've any other suggestion related to google alternatives, feel free to post. Bing It wasn't the best choice when it comes to search results but google is down with quality so bing is way better than google now. Bing is also good with less ads on page in comparison to google. Yahoo Yahoo uses bing and Open Directory called DMOZ to make it's results better than google or bing itself. Yahoo's current quality of search result is much better than google search results. Cuil This search engine is developed by google engineers or ex.engineers to be precise. It's much better in search engine quality than google. It also shows better file search results. Yaoba This is more of file search engine than average search engine. It has better features for file searching and research based material searching. If you search in depth for the results then this is the page you need. Duckduckgo This search engine compiles search results from other SE and shows quality listing. People ignore other search engine because they're fanboys of google. So do check this search engine if you want to get your stuff done.
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Sometimes it is hard to even

Sometimes it is hard to even remember there are other search engines out there since Google has such a stranglehold! thanks for sharing this interesting top.

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