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or small start-up companies that moment when you finally realise you need an accountant is both a great moment (it means your business is starting to become successful) but also a daunting moment – how do you go about choosing the right accountant for your small business? How much is it going to cost?

Certainly you can ask around for personal recommendations but the accountant that has loyally served your Uncle Joe for many years may not be right for your high tech internet start-up. And remember an accountant is more than just the guy who submits paperwork to the tax authorities.

So take a look at these 5 accountants; they all have experience with small businesses, go that extra mile and come recommended by people I trust:

london accountants for small start up businesses
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Tuchbands Accountants London

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A well-established but forward thinking accountancy firm with a professional and dedicated team who work hard to help businesses succeed in whatever way they can; they really do have your best interests at heart. They provide accountancy services for companies of all sizes but can offer specialist advice for start-ups and SMEs. They also help overseas companies establish a foothold in the UK economy and are professional tax advisors. I like the fact that they have a fixed-fee accounting service so you can set your budget at the beginning of the year, spread the cost monthly and know exactly what you are getting for your money.

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This accounting firm have a dedicated Business Service team for start up businesses, which deals with accounting and corporate taxation. The will review your whole Business Strategy to help you assess whether your objectives are realistic and help you measure how the business is faring. They naturally ensure all your records comply with current regulations but also analyse all your business data to ensure you are taking advantage of all available tax reliefs.

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KVS Accountants

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An accounting firm who ensure they have a full understanding of your fledgling business and what your aims and aspirations for the business are. They help you maximise cashflow, balance income and expenses and ensure the most up-to-date accounting procedures are being followed and applied to make sure your business stands the very best chance of success. The support of this experienced team has under-pinned the success of many small local businesses.

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Michael Barrs

This company comes recommended because of their reputation for efficiency and perfect accuracy and how they focus on helping small businesses save money in the long term. They provide clients all the usual key services such as tax affairs, PYE, VT, cashflow forecasts, self-assessment returns, payroll, business plans and business advice. But they are also very flexible and always ready to help.

Top 5

Small Business Advice

If you simply want some good, free advice for your small business such as how to prepare business plans as well as all the usual tax returns and annual accounts information there is plenty available online. Perfect for very small or very new businesses who, perhaps, do not want to invest too much time and money in a full service until the business is properly established.

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Remember an accountant can (and should) offer advice on how to grow your business, how to take advantage of tax breaks and how to secure additional funding.

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