Best Review - Top 4 Ways to Transform Your Home From Summer Fresh To Cosy Winter Nest


hen the nights draw in and the weather cools down, we naturally start behaving a little differently. Cooling showers are quickly replaced with long hot soaks in the bath, fresh zesty cold salads are replaced with hot filling stews and soups, and we start spending a lot more time inside the home for cosy nights in on the sofa.
Because of this, the light, airy decor we adored in summer simply doesn't work anymore, as we desire soft, tactile materials, warm tones and comfort to match the change in season.
If you're feeling the need to nest and turn your home into a cosy retreat to enjoy while the weather continues to go downhill outside, these easy tips should give you some inspiration:

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Tartan & Plaid

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Tartan and plaid have been big news with hight street fashion over the last few winters, and their appearance doesn't just stop at clothes. Plaid cushions, throws, laminate floor tiles and even stuffed toys and Christmas decorations have happily formed part of key winter interior design trends in some shape or form, several seasons in a row. If you want to instantly add warmth to your house, add some plaid and tartan.

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Get the right flooring

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During summer, we tend to strip materials back to thin cottons and linens that are cooling on the skin. During winter, it's all about layering up and playing with thicker, warmer textures. Faux fur, wools, chunky knits, velvet cushions and also opulent looking and feeling fabrics like silks all add to a warmer feel. Try to layer up areas like sofas and beds from the sheets up, putting different textures on top of each other. For example your duvet cover is cotton, and you place a fine knit hanging throw over the top, followed by a thick faux fur throw and a combination of velvet and silk cushions. It is also important to remember this rule with all surfaces. For example; a cold floor tile could benefit from a beautiful chunky rug, or a raw brick or plain wall tile could look great with some 3D art added to it.
Don't be afraid to play with texture to add depth to your interior design.

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Signature Quilts & Throws

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To keep your heating bill down, and to instantly cosy up your bedroom, add a quilt or throw to your bed. With throws, opt for chunky knits or luxury faux fur in a neutral colour that will go with most of your bedding. With quilts, consider investing in a high quality patchwork or unique print that will last you for years, or even consider making your own. If you're a bit crafty, this could be a great project to enjoy enabling you to make something that will look fabulous on your bed every winter that can be passed down through the generations.

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General Home Interiors Advice

The way your home feels isn't just about how it looks, its also a lot to do with how it smells. Ever walked into a home that smells of freshly baked bread and instantly warmed to your surroundings? Or walked into a kitchen or bathroom with a strong pine or bleach scent and instantly identified it as being clean? Smells are incredibly powerful, and could be just what you need to add cosiness to your home. Cranberry, oranges and spices like cinnamon all add a warming winter smell to your home. There are plug-ins and air fresheners available, but where possible natural smells are the best. Try piercing oranges with cloves and putting them in a bowl, or adding pine cones to your fire when you're burning wood.

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Remember, interior design is as much about colour schemes and trends as it is about imagination, creativity and having an open mind. Have fun, experiment and enjoy online image sharing sites as sources of inspiration.

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