Best Review - Top 4 superfoods to boost your health and weight loss


n this list I will introduce 4 super foods that I got the chance to try and which had positive effect on my health and on weight loss. I am listing them here from the most effective to the less effective.
Goji Berry
Acai Berry
African Mango
Green Coffee Bean
The less effective is still working wonders.
If you are serious about losing weight, firs don't expect a miracle solution that will work overnight. Prepare yourself for a 6 months plan (YES 6 MONTHS) and measure your progress on regular interval (every 2 weeks or every month, not every day). measure your waist size: that's more important than your weight.
Be careful what you eat: better eat lots of raw vegetables than a small greasy burger.
Keep it up and it WILL work!

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Goji Berry Advance Review - Health & Beauty

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Goji berry is another name for wolfberries; species of boxthorn in the family Solanaceae (which also includes potatoes, tomatoes, chili pepper, and tobacco). It originates in Asia and the South East of Europe. You can find over eighteen types of amino-acids in the Goji Berries, 6 essential Vitamins (vitamins E1, C, B2…), a high concentration of Beta-carotene (even more than in carrots themselves!!!) and lutein (essential for the eye sight), many phenolic pigments with antioxidant properties, and eleven essential dietary minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium. In a nutshell, Goji Berries are one of the richest source of micronutrients and phytochemicals that can be found in a natural state.
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Acai Berry Select Review - Health & Beauty

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Acai Berry is considered nowadays as one of the top super foods which help fight ageing and lose weight, among other benefits. The Acai berry is used as a diet supplement but also in health and beauty products, as well as cosmetics.
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African Mango Plus Review - Health & Beauty

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Irvingia gabonensis, the scientific name of the African Mango, is an endemic tree in Western Africa. It is not a mango tree per se, but the fruit looks very much like one, hence the popular name of African Mango. It is the nuts and not the pulp that are used for medical purposes.

African mango is called “Dikka Nuts” by the Western African locals, who have been consuming this fruit for centuries due to its medical properties – beyond the simple weight loss benefit – as well as for energy boost for hunting purposes.
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Green Coffee Bean Max Review - Health & Beauty

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Green coffee beans are the actual coffee bean we know, except that it hasn't been roasted. Coffee has been cultivated for over a thousand year, taking its origins in the Arabic Peninsula. Un-roasted coffee bean are still nowadays a traditional Arabic beverage, which resemble very much like tea.
Coffee is know to have multiple benefits for the body, including increased attention, decrease risks of liver and heart disease, increase physical performance and muscular recovery. The Green coffee bean has weight loss properties, stimulated by Caffein and an acid. It is to be noted that Green Coffee Bean does not taste like coffee, as the particular coffee taste we know comes from the roasting process.
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Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and don't forget that taking diet supplement is NOT ENOUGH: you must have healthy diet too, and do at least light exercise!

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Tip: add 5/6 dried Goji

Tip: add 5/6 dried Goji berries to your cup of green tea for extra health benefits!