n the spring of 2011, Calvin Klein featured four well- known super hot male celebrities to model Calvin Klein X underwear. The result was explosive. Four gorgeous guys with abs to die for.

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Kellan Lutz, 26, is an American actor and fashion model who is best known for playing Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga film series. Kellan loves participating in extreme sports such as skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, tennis and racquetball. Kellan is one hot dude.

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Mehcad Brooks, 31, is an American actor and fashion model. Mehcad played Benedict "Eggs" Talley in the second season of HBO's True Blood. He had also appeared in Desperate Housewives, Glory Road, The Game, The Deep End, and in the 2007 film In the Valley of Elah. He is among the cast on the USA Network series Necessary Roughness which debuted on June 29, 2011. He turned down basketball scholarships and offers from Ivy League schools in favor of going to USC, which he left to pursue his acting career. Mehcad is hot hot hot.

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Fernando Verdasco, 28, is a professional tennis player from Spain, who is currently ranked no. 22 in the world. He has aided Spain in winning three Davis Cup titles in 2008 and 2009, and also was part of the winning team in 2011. 6'2" and hot!

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Hidetoshi Nakata, 35, is a a retired Japanese football player. He was one of the most famous Asian footballers of his generation. Nakata is also a fashion icon noted for a sharp dress sense and even sharper haircuts with lucrative contracts from some of the world's biggest brands, including Calvin Klein. Hot and sharp!

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These four guys are HOT HOT HOT!!! So many gorgeous men in CK underwear, so little time.

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