Best Review - Top 4 Reasons Why Jesus Christ Isn't Mentioned on Christmas Day


'm quite amazed at the way things are at Christmas time. Why is it that so many people celebrate Christmas with fevor, but never mention Jesus Christ. They get all into the Christmas "spirit" with the music, the shopping, preparing the festive foods, etc. However, they never seem to mention or acknowledge the original reason why Christmas is celebrated in the first place. Why is that?

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Many People Are Not Christians

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There are many people around the entire world who are not Christian. Some still do celebrate Christmas in a secular way. They enjoy the festive, happy atmosphere, the food, the gift giving and holiday cheer. While they probably know the story of Christ's birth from the many holiday television programs that are shown during every Christmas holiday season, yet they do not mention Christ. They might be of another religious faith or of no faith at all so it's understandable why they would not mention Jesus.

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Lots Of People Are Atheist or Agnostic

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Whoa, no big surprise why these folks wouldn't mention Jesus Christ on Christmas day, except to speak against him. They have that right. There is such a thing as free speech, but it goes both ways. O.K.

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There Is An Increase In The Number of "Christian" Christmas Haters

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It has been for a long time that certain groups like Jehovah Witnesses who have made clear they do not celebrate Christmas nor give honor as it being the season of Christ's birth. Now, I'm seeing more people who are not of these groups say that they are traditional Christians and they do not celebrate Christmas. They even attack other Christians who do acknowledge Christ and Christmas as a time to celebrate his birth. In my opinion they are basically self righteous and hypocritical. They argue that putting up a Christmas tree is idolatry, but they have everyday, idol worshiping type practices that are far worst. Their "daily" addiction to playing violent video games or watching steamy soap operas is worst than putting up Christmas decorations for a few weeks out of the entire year. Those people don't mention Jesus on Christmas day either except to attack or chastise someone who does celebrate Christmas.

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Many Bible Believing Christians Celebrate Christmas, but...

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This last group who do not mention Jesus Christ on Christmas are bible believing Christians, but perhaps they are not where they need to be in their relationship with God. Or maybe they feel awkward or uncomfortable about it. When they gather with others it's likely no one else speaks about Jesus so they don't either. That's really amazing because Christmas ought to be the most obvious time to talk about him. What better time to discuss him than on the day celebrating his birth. It doesn't have to be, "in your face" confrontation, but subtle such as mentioning him in a prayer before a Christmas meal or by giving Christmas cards that are about the Nativity.

In conclusion, We should talk about Jesus Christ on Christmas and anytime because he is the answer to the problems and issues in the lives of people. On the first Christmas, God the Father gave us Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, to provide a way to mend the rift between God and mankind because of sin. He came to bring salvation and peace between God and man. He's done it for me and he will do it for anyone who sincerely calls upon him.

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At Christimas, every Christian should at least stop for one minute to personally thank God for the ultimate gift of his only begotten Son.

Before we start ripping open our gifts and gadgets on Christmas morning, we should remind our children that God gave the very first Christmas gift over 2,000 years ago in a little town called Bethlehelm, Israel. Now, people all over the world celebrate by giving each other gifts, and doing good deeds. Never forget His gift.

I've found a very short and easy quiz on the very 1st Christmas at Take the quiz to see how much you remember of the 1st Christmas. The answers are in the Christmas story in the Bible in Matthew 1:18 thru 2:23, Luke 1:26 thru 1:38, and Luke 2:1 thru 2:20.


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