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roject management podcasts are excellent tools for improving knowledge of project management, as well as great listening and debating tool for the latest innovations in the world of project management, they can also count towards project management qualifications and skills.

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The Project Management Podcast

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Ideal for project management topics of all calibre, The Project Management Podcast is a popular choice. It discusses everything from project management skills and apprenticeships to tips on improving communication and collaboration with colleagues and more. There are also sessions with project management experts and you can subscribe to request a transcript of interviews.

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5 Minutes Project Management Podcast

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Many project managers will know the situation well – with so much to do, finding time to follow the latest thoughts and listen to debates on project management topics is difficult. Thus, the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast is ideal. Nearly every podcast episode is 5 minutes in length but still tackles many different topics and issues.

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Fix My Project Chaos

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We all know that things go wrong in project management. From overrunning projects to all kinds of issues, you need the Fix My Project Chaos podcast for the hints, tips and tricks it offers for pulling a project back into line. It covers everything from effective risk management strategies to ways of improving relations with shareholders, a must listen if ever there was one. Of all the podcasts mentioned, this is probably the one with the easiest interface to use.

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Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat Podcast for project management apprenticeships and higher

On first glance, this doesn’t seem like it has an awful lot to offer with its interface making it difficult to get at what is exactly on there. But there is more to the Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat that first meets the eye. It brings a myriad of information and related subjects and topics for the novice and experienced project manager alike, well worth a second look.

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Why turn to project management podcasts?
A podcast is a fantastic tool because it brings about learning in an almost stealth-like fashion. The number of specific podcasts relating to project management may be small, but there are others besides the four listed above. The People and Projects Podcasts, for example, addresses all kinds of issues relating to project management, something you could listen to as you drive between work sites.
The PDU Podcast is ideal for those working towards project management qualifications or looking to increase their skill base. Like this podcast and many others, they can also give an insight into project management developments and innovations from other countries too.
No matter how busy you are or how new to project management you may be, the experts at Parallel Project Training advocate the importance of continually learning when it comes to project management, simply because the situations and projects that managers find themselves in are continually changing.
Podcasts are an interactive way of learning. Do listen to podcasts? Which ones would you recommend to fellow project managers?

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