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Do you want to be able to follow my every online move? You're in luck - I love a good online stalker, so I've made it easy with a list. I suppose I'll see you on the web! Fractured Fiction This is my blog about my first love: writing. It's a sort of combined writer's advice and a bit of a story of my journey through the wide world of literature. It's about the world of being a writer as I perceive it. I think it's quite good. LadyLovelace on Squidoo An assortment of short webpages about things which catch my interest, but aren't exactly worth starting a web empire on. There's certainly plenty to learn about a myriad of subjects, here. Lady_Lovelace on Twitter I tweet perhaps a dozen times a day, usually with links to interesting things or little snippets about what's going on around me. Plus the occasional freakout over spiders I have slain. LadyLovelace on LiveJournal This is a personal blog, generally full of fairly useless information, but a number of pretty pictures and observations of a scattered nature. Enter at your own risk for this one - here there be dragons!
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