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ou may qualify for a new free mobile phone with free minutes. The process of applying is short, sweet and easy. You can apply online or call and if your qualify you will receive a new free mobile phone that offers free minutes each month. There are two companies who offer new free mobile cell phones and if you qualify you will be mailed your free mobile phone within a week.

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Free Safelink and Assurance Cell Phone

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You can easily receive a new free cell phone if you know who to contact to apply. I wrote an article about the new free cells phones and people have contacted me to tell me they applied and qualified. They received their free mobile phone in the mail within a week.

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Safelink Free Cell Phone Free Mobile Phone

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Take the time to read a product review about receiving a new free cell phone with free minutes each month. Fill out the form online to see if you qualify for a new free cell phone.

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Safelink Wireless Enrollment

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A direct link to the Safelink Wireless Enrollment website. Simple, easy and free.

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Assurance Wireless Mobile Phone

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A direct link to the Assurance Wireless Mobil Cell Phone. Again, easy to fill out form to apply.

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I applied online and within a week received a free Motorola Tracfone cell phone. At the beginning of each month I turn on my phone and the free minutes are automatically sent to my phone. The phone comes with a charger and the phone also has many free features to customize to your liking.

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free phones are great, but it

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