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he domestic dog is very much a distant cousin of that most feared of all predators the wolf. And even though dogs have become man's best friend there are many traits that still exist in the modern day dog which came from their wild and untrained predecessors.

Some of these traits may be considered, by human perception, to be problematic, sometimes downright disgusting but very often extremely useful. There is no doubt there are certain aspect of canine behaviour we dearly want to change, while at the same time there are other aspects that we, as humans, view to be extremely useful. Through training and development of the useful traits we have been able to create breeds that operate brilliantly as working dogs. In fact it could be argued that without some types of working dog certain tasks would be near to impossible.

Dog Behaviour, Traits and Actions
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Natural Dog Behaviour and Actions – Part 1

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Why dogs chase, participate in destructive chewing on occasions and why they like to dig. You may also find out why dogs bark, a completely natural thing for them to do.

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Natural Dog Behaviour and Actions – part 2

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Why dogs shake their toys, roll in faeces and sometimes guard their food. The last trait in this list can sometimes be considered so serious that dog rescue centres may feel it is impossible to re-home a dog with this problem. But is it completely natural?

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Natural dog behaviour and actions – part 3

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Stalking, hunting and retrieving, are all traits that any aspiring gun dog trainer would love to see in a working dog. Throw chewing and the failure to give up the prey into the mix and a gun dog will be seen as completely useless.

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Natural Dog Behaviour and Actions – part 4

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It is the predatory nature of dogs that seems to be put to the best use by humans, adapting them to suit our purposes of course. Subduing unwanted traits is also part of the training and a necessary part of teaching in a working dog to make it truly useful.

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Yes the traits from the wild dog days still do exist in the modern day dog, but humans have made the most of these characteristics to be able to use dogs as workers, companions, and human assistants. There is more to dogs than being pure domestic pets. Ask anyone that uses a guide dog, herds sheep or has to rescue someone buried under a collapsed building in an emergency situation.

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