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here are a lot of AdSense revenue sharing sites where you can express yourself as a writer and make some money too. Here is a list of Top four revenue sharing sites that are biggest money-makers.

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Making money on WebAnswers

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WebAnswers is a great Q&A site where you can earn money simply by answering questions. There are thousands of questions to choose from and if your answer gets awarded as the best answer, you start making 60% of AdSense income on that entire question and answer thread.
It is really easy to use and does not require you to write long articles and do any kind of keyword research before you start seeing some income. WebAnswers are my number one money-maker.

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Writing for 70% of revenue at Seekyt

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Seekyt is a great site for writing online articles. One of the best features of this site are a really friendly admin and great and supportive user community. Besides AdSense, you can also earn money through Amazon's associates program. Unlike some other sites, on Seekyt, you can write about almost anything. You can see for yourself what have I written there.

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Wizzing for money at Wizzley

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Although Wizzley offers only 60% revenue (after 100 articles, it's 50% before that) it is one of the most user friendly revenue sharing sites. Its tools are so easy to use and it has absolutely the best available online editor for your articles. My posts there get indexed by Google within an hour and I almost always rank Google's page 1 for my selected keywords. Wizzley is probably one of the most SEO optimized revenue sharing sites. You can check out my pages there...

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Reviewing on Best-Reviewer

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You are here, aren't you? Best-Reviewer offers 100% AdSense revenue share and is one of the best sites for building quality back-links as well as earning some money. Besides top lists (like this one) you can also create great interactive salary pages of anybody you can think about. Why not surprise people how much you know about them? You have nothing to lose so join Best-Reviewer now!

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You know that they say that you should never place all your eggs in a single basket. So, go ahead and open your free accounts at all four of them and start making money online with the help of WebAnswers, Wizzley, Seekyt and of course, Best-Reviewer.

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jimformation's picture

I've never heard of

I've never heard of webanswers or seekyt. I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

DrDarko's picture

They are both great sites.

They are both great sites. WebAnswers is also great for research. You earn money by asking questions too and you can get enough material for writing a full article just by asking simple question. Seekyt is great too so be sure to check it out...