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he Miss America Pageant is not just another beauty pageant, but it is a competition for college scholarships... It has given out over $40 million for tuition assistance and in cash prizes...The Miss America program is not associated with the Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants...Contestants often compete in either program...This year the residents of the United States were allowed to vote one contestant into the finals via PollDaddy at Facebook and the official online website for Miss America...

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Miss America wins $50,000 scholarship
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What is the Miss America Pageant all about?

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Although the Miss America Pageant is primarily thought of as a beauty pageant, it is a competition for young ladies between the ages of 17 and 24 to win scholarship money to further or complete their education...The top prize is $50,000 in scholarship funds...Each contestant chooses a platform which upon winning the competition, she will embark upon a year-long tour of public speaking engagements where she will bring attention to her cause or platform...

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When was the Miss America 2012 Pageant?

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On January 14, 2012 the 91st pageant for Miss America was held and broadcast nationally on the ABC television network from 9pm-11pm EST...

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Where was the Miss America 2012 Pageant?

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The Miss America 2012 pageant was hosted at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas...The event was filmed on a stage at the Theatre for the Performing Arts at the resort...

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Who won the Miss America 2012 Pageant?

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Laura Kaeppeler was crowned Miss America 2012 by last year's winner, Ms. Teresa Scanlan of Nebraska...Ms. Kaeppeler at 23 years old represented her home state of Wisconsin in her victorious showing and sang an operatic vocal to showcase her talent...Having won the $50,000 scholarship prize from the Miss America pageant, she plans to pursue a Master's degree in Speech and Language Pathology...Her platform is related to support children of incarcerated parents...Ms. Kaeppleler's father was incarcerated for 18 months because of mail fraud...The 1st runner-up for this year's pageant is Ms. Betty Thompson from Oklahoma who was America's Choice...

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Worldwide the Miss America organization provides more scholarships to more young women than any other program...So if you think you've got what it takes to compete to win money for college then contact your state representative for the Miss America pageant to get plugged into their system...

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zein1212's picture

this nice info for share.. :)

this nice info for share.. :)

EsotericArticles's picture

$50,000 seems surprisingly

$50,000 seems surprisingly light, I thought the competition was 'bigger' than that really. Although, perhaps the endorsements afterwards count, to be fair.

MySpace-Lyrics's picture

i guess they have more

i guess they have more benefit than that, 50K is just to pay for their studies, but they have a lot of other revenue outside that, like in advertising, brands want them to represent their products and become their ambassadors, their are invited to shows and get paid for that, etc.

wahmshelley's picture

Yes winning the Miss America

Yes winning the Miss America Pageant opens up a whole lot of opportunities for making more money for sure!!!...The scholarship money is just the beginning to get that cash wheel turning...

WAHM Shelley... :)

james's picture

Yes, it's good, I mean even

Yes, it's good, I mean even if you're qualified, even if you don't win, it means you're good looking and I'm sure (although I have no proof as I'm not a beauty pageant) that life can be way easier sometimes when you're a beautiful girl..

Yes sometimes it's better to be a ugly boy, but more often than not, it's better to be a beautiful girl.