Best Review - Top 4 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


true dog lover may be harder to shop for than you think. Mostly likely their pet dog will already have all the toys he needs, treats, and premium dog food. But there may be some hard to find unusual and even funny dog things the dog person on your gift shopping list does not yet have or needs to replace. Welcome mats always need replacing. A can that freezes poop is always good for a good laugh as is a dog that “really” likes the computer. Maybe your friend’s dog needs a bright pink dog bed to replace that dreary brown and green plaid one?A true dog lover may be harder to shop for than you think. Mostly likely their pet dog will already have all the toys he needs, treats, and premium dog food.

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Welcome Mats for Dog People

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Every dog person should announce that their home is for the dogs as soon as guests get to the front door. If dog fur and sniffy are to be part of entering a home, the guest should have fair warning. If your friends or family members house is always full of fur, then have them shout it out with a "Hair of the Dog" welcome mate. Is the dog always getting into trouble and suffering injuries, then a "cone of shame" welcome mat would be the gift to buy.

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The Dog That Humps the Computer

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Got a friend who's a dog person and computer geek? Then the USB humping dog making it's way all over the internet in YouTube videos is just the gift to get. While maybe not appropriate for the office, it will get a laugh. This also makes a cheap gift as it's reasonably priced. Probably because it doesn't actually have any storage. Its just a fun toy for grown ups.

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Can of Poop Freeze

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Does your friend or family member always complain about cleaning up the dog poop? Or does the wife insist that she does it every time with no help from her spouse? Then a can of Poop Freeze is the best present to get. You spray the poop and when it's frozen, you can pick it up and toss it. Admittedly it doesn't get great reviews for being a practical solution to poop clean up. But for the fun factor and as a good practical joke gift you can't go wrong with this one.

Top 4

Pink and Frilly Dog Beds

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Luxurious and yet, pink! These dog beds are eye catching. And if your dog friend or family really likes pink, then they will think these are essential to the home decor. You have lots of choices when selecting a pink dog bed as a gift from the one made for dogs who wear tiaras to the more practical and comfortable bed a self-respecting German Shepard can curl up in.

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