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lanning out a fall themed wedding can be a lot of fun. You can pick out different fall themed decorations to use during the wedding and/or reception, such as centerpieces and ceiling decorations. Here are a few of the fall wedding decorations you can consider using for your wedding. The decorations on this list can be found on Amazon, but you may be able to find similar or exact decorations in other stores as well.

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Mini Fall Maple Leaves.

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This pack of silk mini fall maple leaves will be great for table decorations! You can also let the flower girl throw them or all of the guests can throw them at the bride and groom! The package include ninety silk mini orange, red, and yellow leaves.

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Fall Leaves Gleam N Burst Centerpiece.

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The base of this centerpiece is a gold with a matching ribbon. Bursting out of the base are metallic foil fall colored leaves. The fall colors include red, orange, and yellow. Great for placing in the center of the tables at the wedding reception!

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Wedding Silk Autumn Fall Leaves Garland.

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This garland is decoration with silk fall colored realistic leaves. It measures at six feet long and can be used to decorate both the wedding and reception. Hang it over the doorways, on the wall, on the back of the benches, on the edge of the tables, and on the trees if the wedding and/or reception are being held outdoors.

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Fall Leaf Ceiling Decoration.

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When you decorate for the wedding and/or reception, you can decorate the ceiling as well! This ceiling decoration has is white with a pattern of fall colored leaves on it. Hanging and twirling from this decoration are red, orange, and yellow leaves. This fall leave ceiling decoration measures at 12 inches.

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Fall wedding decorations such as the ones on this list are easy to use and look great! This is your special day, so everything should look great! You can use the decorations for their intended purposes, or come up with a new way to use them! Buy a few for just the wedding, or decorate for the wedding and reception! Have fun decorating and congratulations on getting married!

Image: Pixabay.

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