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ecorating for the fall season is a nice way to bring a little of the fall season into your home. There are many types of home decor to choose from that fit the fall season, from a "Happy Harvest" sign to candle rings decorated with fall colored berries. Here is a small list of fall home decor to use this season. This particular list can be found on the trusted website of Amazon, but you may find similar or the same decorations in other stores as well. You can also use this list to get ideas for other fall decorations.

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Package of 8 Painted Metal Fall Harvest Pails for Fall, Autumn, and Thanksgiving.

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This set of eight painted metal pails all have designs that fit the fall season! This can range from a friendly scarecrow to the phrase "Harvest Greetings". Each pail measures at 3 inches in height by 3 1/4 inches in diameter. You can use the pails for indoor and outdoor decorations, centerpieces, and whatever else your imagination comes up with! The pails can all be found as a set on Amazon, but you may find the similar or the exact pails in other stores as well.

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"Happy Harvest" Embossed Metal Fall Decorative Sign.

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This embossed metal sign is orange and has the phrase "Happy Harvest" on it in white letters. Attached to this sign is a wire hanger and raffia bow. This sign measures at 8 inches by 5 1/4 inches. Hang your "Happy Harvest" sign on a door, wall, or even on the porch. This sign can be found on Amazon, but you may find a similar or exact sign in other stores as well.

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Fall Bark Candle.

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This candle looks just like a real bark log with a yellow candle inside of it, and it gives off of spicy wood scent. It is decorated with a yellow raffia and a trim of leaves, berries, and a pine cone. This fall bark candle measures at 3 1/2 inches diameter 3 1/2 inches high. You can light up the room and bring a little of the fall season into your home! This fall bark candle can be found on Amazon, but you may find a similar or exact candle in other stores as well.

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Pack of 6 Orange & Yellow Outdoor Fall Harvest Gooseberry Candle Rings 10".

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This is a pack of six fall candle rings. Each twine ring is decorated with orange and yellow artificial berries. Just place your candle in the middle of the ring and you are good to go! It will hold jar candles, pillar candles, and votive candles, but does not actually include any candles with it. Each fall themed candle ring measures at about 10 inches in diameter. This is perfect for the fall season, and it will really go nice with any fall scented candles you may have! This set of candle rings can be found on Amazon, but you may find a similar or exact set in other stores as well.

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This is only a small list of fall home decor to use this season. You can also use wreaths, centerpieces, candle holders, flags, window clings, and more. The decorations come in many themes, such as leaves, berries, and pumpkins. You can decorate in one specific theme or just mix it up a little! Have fun decorating and enjoy the fall season!

Image: Pixabay.

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