hat is a perfect little black dress? A perfect little black dress is different for everyone. What is perfect for Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, or Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) might not be perfect for you and me. According to fashion experts, there are four main factors to consider in choosing a perfect little black dress.

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Factor #1 - Body Shape

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First, we have to know what shape we are. We have to strip down to our undies and look in the mirror to see what our body shape is. There are five different body shapes: banana, pear, apple, hourglass, and round. From the names we get an idea what those shapes look like.

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Factor #2 - Comfort

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Once you know your body shape, the next step in buying a little black dress is to make sure you choose a comfortable dress. This means choosing a fabric that molds to your body properly, does not itch or pinch, and does not make you feel self-conscious. Make sure the dress is comfortable too. Since the idea is that you should be able to wear this dress to both formal and casual events, you need to make sure you can sit and walk on it comfortably.

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Factor #3 - Design

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The next step in buying a little black dress is to select the design. Avoid excessive decorations, such as lace, sequins, or flowery applications. Simple is better, no matter if the dress is short or long. Even the simplest dress can be made stunning by adding the right jewelry or an impressive bag and matching pair of shoes.

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Factor #4 - Budget

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Finally, when buying a little black dress, keep in mind that that you don't need to spend a fortune in a little black dress specially if you are just going to wear it occasionally, like attending a funeral or that once in a blue moon last-minute invite to dinner that you cannot possibly pass. Yes, you can wear the same dress to both. Accessorize for your dinner date and don't for a funeral and look sad enough and you will be fine. Spend a little more if you are going to wear it more often. Just keep in mind simple is better.

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A perfect little black dress is a simple cut dress that can be used over and over again.

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