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've been Googling several times how to generate more traffic for my websites and pages to earn more income. I've found several useful tips and others consumed my time and still got poor results. My sleep cut short and eating in front of the monitor just to update my website, search for strategies again and check my Adsense statistics.

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Website Content

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Your website content should be original, or else Google Adsense will rank you at the (very) bottom. Are you enjoying? It's very easy to add, write and update contents if the topic is within your expertise and hobby. Are your contents informative, attractive and valuable? When you are done then you can proceed to step 2.

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Website Subscription and Newsletter

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Have this feature in your website. But this one requires you to regularly update the contents (I usually update every month and send letters/emails monthly.) This way, your customers will be reminded to check the site and can provide you regular hits. They can also opt to send the newsletters to their friends they think are interested.

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Have a Little Contest

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Website contests and prizes certainly attracts people and they will surely subscribe to your newsletter. Consumers oftentimes recommend such sites. You just spend a little and be ready for the huge return.

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Advertise (As always) Online and Offline

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The most common. You already know all the bookmarking kinda advertise, forums and back links. Be kind to forums. Avoid spamming. Have friends online. If they like your site, they will share it to others themselves. Advertise offline, the always overlooked strategy. Try advertising on your town's favorite radio station or print ads and posters.

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After several trials, advertising for hours, backlink strategies and another Googling again. I've found these steps very very effective for web traffic.

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