Best Review - Top 4 Dogfights in World War 2


f you are looking for the top dogfights in World War II, then you are on the right spot. Today I am going to give you the top dog fights in world war 2. Know the aces and their planes and know their tactics.

Dogfights in world war 2
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World War 2 Hellcats and Dogfights

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World War 2 Stories - The F6F Hellcat is considered as one of the best fighter planes of the US Navy to counter the Japanese Zeros. In December 1941, the Americans began experimenting the performance of F4F Wildcat's performance against the Japanese Zeros, by there they developed something more powerful and faster and that's the birth of Hellcat.

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Hitler's Fighter Jet in World War 2

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World War 2 - World War Stories will put you back to the history of fighter jet planes, we all thought that fighter jets were not available in World War 2 but we were wrong! During the final years of World War 2 Hitler focus his attention to create weapons that could win his War in Europe and one of the outputs of his crazy but possible endeavors was Messerschmitt Me 262.

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The Battle of Britain: Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Messerschmitts

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World War 2 - Britain fought so hard in World War 1 that they sent all their best pilots in the deadly aerial combats that shaped the course of Aerial warfare during World War 2. When Germany declared War on the rest of her neighbors, Britain once again sent all their best pilots with their best plane, Spitfire to battle against Messerschmitts. The Battle is called, The Battle of Britain!

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Flying Squadron in the Battle of France - WORLD WAR II

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No.1 squadron flew to France under the authority of the renowned Squadron Leader P. J. H. “Bull” Halahan, who took the leadership of the famous Hurricanes. By mid-October the squadron operated from an airfield near Vassincourt, with the pilots of No.1 being billeted in the vicinity of Neuville.

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