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n this topic of best reviewer we will be talking about statues from the boom beach app from supercell.First of all im not much of a game player but when my kids got me hooked on boom beach and clash of clans by supercell i could not lay my phone down.The statues in the boom beach game are very important as they can boost the rates of all your resources.The higher the level of statue,the more boost it will give my favorite are the magma stones as the give you a boost in your troop damages when in battle and gives your troops better health in battle.

boom beach statues
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Top 1

Life statue

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boost all gold and wood resources

Top 2

Ice statue

Best Review 9898

boosts all building time and damages when in battle

Top 3

Dark statue

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boost your gunboat and your resources rewards

Top 4

and my favorite the magma statue

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the magma statue in my opinion is the most important as it will boost there health in battle and boost the damage of each troop

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in conclusion when playing boom beach the statues can be a great strategy in boosting all your resources here is a link to a statue chart giving all the different ratings

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