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Here is a list of top four sites where you can make money online. If you are in search of genuine money making sites that really pay, you should consider the list below. Allvoices This is really a good site that gives an opportunity to make money. Basically, Allvoices is a global community, where members share news, opinions and ideas. Very simple site with simple money making program. More you contribute more you earn. Newsvine Newsvine is a wholly-owned subsidiary of and allows its members to share news and write articles. Though it absolutely free to register, but very challenging to make money with Newsvine. Quality rules over quantity. Wikinut Wikinut is a new and active community giving an opportunity to make money with your contributions. You can write about anything. Very simple site with limited and useful features. If writing is your passion then you should give Wikinut a try. Environmentalgraffiti Environmentalgraffiti is a platform where members share their knowledge and get paid for it. Member can write anything from sports to arts.
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