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Do you love playing word games, but can never find anyone to play with you? Don't worry! Facebook has the solution. Here are the four best word games available on Facebook right now. So, you might not have a Scrabble partner in your neighbourhood. With Facebook, there's always someone available to play. Have fun! Lexulous This game looks very much like Scrabble, but it's different. The word scores are different and there are eight letters, instead of seven. The amazing thing about this game is that you can play 15 boards all at the same time, and play at your convenience. So, if you have to go before you finish, start again later the next day. No problem. Very nice interface. Loads quickly. Pure enjoyment! Word Twist Think anagram with technology. You are given a certain amount of letters. It's then up to you, to find as many words that can be created with those particular letters. What adds some spice, is that you are automatically matched up all your friends that also play the game, to see who has the best "highest score." Every time you beat someone, you get a little pat on the back. Tres fun! Scramble Scramble is like a turbo-charged find-a-word. You have three minutes to find as many words as you can in a grid. Now go! This game is very entertaining, and has the added competitive aspect of a leaderboard, where you try and beat all of your friends. Word Tornado The bonus squares are configured in a unique way, and the numbers of letters are different. The very cool thing about Word Tornado is that it is played in real time, with a timer, with other players. Good competition all around!
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