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ind out about the amazing benefits and excellent potential wage of a carer so you can decide whether or not a career in compassion is right for you.

Statistics from the last few years have shown that roughly 20% of the population is over the age of 65. It is even thought that in some areas of the UK, 1 in 3 people are aged over 65. As the UK population is set to reach nearly 75 million by 2039, clearly there will be an increasing demand on already an overstretched care industry.

Luckily, a previously overlooked part of the care industry is coming into the spotlight because it provides so many benefits to both the client and the carer, and even the NHS. That part of the care industry is in home care which enables people to stay independent in their own home, avoiding residential care.

This means that if you are considering becoming a carer, you not only have traditional care placements to consider, like those in care homes, but also being an at home carer.
Is a career in compassion something you would consider?

Take a look at the salary and benefits of being a carer to see if this incredibly giving career choice could work for you:

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Being a Carer is a Compassionate Career

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Being a carer truly is a career in compassion. You will see your work make a difference in real time as you actively enhance the life of your client. If you are truly compassionate and care about making a difference to the lives of those you work with/ for then caring is a great career choice.

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Great Personal Benefits

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There are some excellent personal benefits to being a carer aside from the difference you make to your clients life. The average salary is around £21,000 but it depends on how much you're doing and how many hours. For example you might be working within in home care which means you will work more hours than a visiting carer, plus you'll be saving on the money you would spend on bills at home. Other benefits include training, the ability to apply practical skills, meeting lots of new people and having a good level of control over your caring career.

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Making A Difference To The Country

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Caring has a wider benefit that many people don't realise. The NHS is struggling with bed blocking because there aren't relevant places for the elderly in their care so wards have to keep them in place longer than would be necessary if care was more readily available. As a carer and particularly an at home carer rather than working in care homes you are helping the care crisis by providing care and helping people remain independent as long as possible.

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Providing a Good Quality of Life in People's Later Years

Malnutrition and loneliness are two huge issues within elderly communities. 3.9 million people say the TV is their main company, and the elderly are at a much higher risk of loneliness because of mobility issues and living alone. As a carer you help combat loneliness, especially if you work within care at home. You provide vital companionship to your client, and you help them remain independent and able to go out to see their friends and family. You can also help them make new friends by suggesting local groups and events they might like. With nutrition, your training will provide you with all the information you need to cook meals and create an eating plan that ensures the health of your client is optimum when it comes to their nutritional health.

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If you are interested in a career in care, the first step is doing your research. Speak to care agencies and look at different roles within social care like working in care homes or within care at home. It is a growing industry and you won't find it hard to find a job. It is a rewarding career that makes a huge difference to those you work with, and today could be the first day of your journey towards the ultimate compassionate career.

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