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ransform an attic into a getaway, a personal suite, an extra storage space or a guest bedroom. Treat an attic makeover as a style update or a luxury remodel. Decorate the attic in your home with creative ideas inspired by high end interior design and your personal taste.

Maximize an attic with modern style that highlights and defines elegance. Create a special retreat that is a joy to the senses. Lamps, wall shelving and new flooring are decorative room accents that perk up an attic with dramatic intention. Start your attic decorating with a fresh and friendly theme. Keep your attic space organized for everyday comfort and relaxation.

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Decorate an Attic Space for Function

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Approach the decor of an attic space as a special project of personal design. Think of attic decorating as an opportunity to be creative with a clean slate. Choose the best way to maximize an attic space for storage, as a spare bedroom or as a private getaway. Treat an attic space like an empty canvas. Consider the various decorative possibilities. Use this area as a large room size closet, a home study or a room to relax in and catch movies. Keep your best decorating ideas for an attic flexible and creative. Fill a finished attic space with comfortable seating, modern accent tables and built-in wall shelving. Stick with a light touch of decorative accessories or design a cozy zone of rich intense colors and accents.

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Enhance an Attic Space with Décor that Celebrates a Theme

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Decide how you want your attic space to look and feel. Use the space, lighting, floor and walls to your advantage to treat an attic space with a modern touch of elegance. Allow an un-used attic space to flow like an artist’s studio, a restful place or a guest room that you design. Express an artistic flair, eclectic style or a special focus on fun in an attic space update. Share a spacious attic with family and friends that is comfortable and welcoming. Spread your love of contemporary interiors and fashion throughout an attic. Decorate with colors and wall accents that support a stylish theme.

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Personal Style in Attic Décor

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Design an unexpected look of elegance in an attic space. Be imaginative and daring with personal decorating. Choose the beauty of modern floor lamps, a patterned accent rug and decorative finishes for an updated attic interior. Fill an attic space with furniture and accent pieces that make it feel spacious, updated and special. Decorate with home accessories that enhance a friendly ambiance and an expression of heart-warming elegance. Perk up your attic space with decorative details. If you are pressed for space, use a futon, bench, chaise chair or daybed for sitting or lounging. Use a trunk or chest as a table space. Be sure to add accent lighting to carry a cozy effect in your attic. Blend accent furnishings and neutral wall colors to enhance an attic room with modern freshness. Decorative throw pillows, artwork and wicker baskets make an attic space a personal reflection of style. Focus your attic decor on charm and luxury inspiration.

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Creative Ideas for Attic Decorating

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Change your attic decor to expand a stylish look for enjoying personal relaxation. A spa retreat of your dreams, a place to display personal art collections or a playroom for children is possible in an open attic space. Use an attic space as a roomy closet space, a guest room or a home office. Personalize the look of an attic space by painting the walls, adding artwork and accent furniture that expresses your personal style. Define the style and personality for an attic in your home. Add soft touches of light, casual or eclectic elegance with home accessories. Create a calm space that soothes your spirit or a unique upscale parlor in an attic. An attic is a room that is fresh for creative decorating that won’t wait.

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home builders Missouri's picture

These are indeed lovely

These are indeed lovely decorating ideas for attics. A lot of homeowners are surely excited to try one of these in their homes. Thanks for sharing.