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hen it comes to choosing later life care a care home is probably the first thing most families think of for elderly relatives who are no longer able to live independently. While it is not the only way of ensuring an adequate level of care according to government statistics there are around half a million care home places in the UK across over 11,000 homes.

But is a care home the best place to be? Research by the Live in Care Hub shows that 97% of people don’t want to have to move into one. If it’s that bad do care homes have any good points at all?

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Board and lodging

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of a care home is that the weekly fees include all board and lodging costs – food, bed, cleaning, laundry and so on. There is often a lot of fuss made about elderly people who are forced to sell their home to pay for care, but there are others for whom getting rid of the responsibilities of owning a property is a welcome relief.

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Moving Home

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Many older people don’t want to leave their home – and in some cases it can be very difficult for them to adapt to new surroundings. Dementia sufferers may become extremely confused and anxious when moving to a new home, and those with limited sight may find navigating new corridors tricky. On the other hand, care homes can employ specialist carers who have experience in settling new residents and who can work towards ensuring a smooth transition and avoiding issues.

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Compared to in home care, there are many more opportunities for companionship. Many care homes offer a variety of activities from knitting circles and bingo afternoons to days out to the seaside. Socially active people may relish the opportunity to make so many new friends. Obviously, this can be a disadvantage as much as an advantage. Less gregarious people may prefer to the constant companionship that a live in carer can offer, as well as the freedom to go on days out whenever they can persuade their carer to take them. More care home residents complain that they never leave their homes than those cared for in their own homes.

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A huge disadvantage of care homes is that the cost of provision usually doubles if a couple wish to move into a home together, regardless of whether they are married, civil partners or simply long-term companions. It can sometimes be challenging finding a suitable home that can cater for spouses, unlike in-home care where a single carer may be sufficient to meet the care needs of both.

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