Best Review - Top 3 Worst Final Fantasy Characters


he three worst Final Fantasy characters revealed. Cait Sith is the worst, Wakka the second worst and Penelo the third worst.

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Cait Sith

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Giant round robotic cat that should never have been accepted into the party. Furthermore, Cait Sith is one of the sneakier members of the party? really? No one accepts a giant cat as a member of their party. Imagine if one appeared in Lord of the Rings, it would make the group seem so stupid.

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Why did the creators make him use a ball as a weapon? If anyone should have been a melee character, it was the tall and muscular Wakka. Yet, the developers decided a ball would be a weapon and that he would be a ranged fighter? Yet, Rikku is a melee fighter? The whole thing

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The reason Penelo made it on the list is that it was completely unbelieable that she would be able to fight. She was young, had a terrible physical build, dressed poorly and showed no real knack for magic or anything that might redeem her.

At least Vaan was sort of atheletic and muscular, I could buy him having some degree of skill of a specific thief/rogue variety.

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