Best Review - Top 3 World War 2 Yamato Class Battleships


mperial Japan during World War 2 had created top battleships and these battleships were the finest during world war 2. Two became the dreaded battleships to the American Navy and the third one became an Air Craft Carrier. Know the facts and the history of these top battleships of Japan.

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World War II: The Battleship Yamato

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World War II: The Battleship Yamato: "Yamato class battleships constitutes a major achievement on the part of Japanese naval constructors. The exponentially higher blast effect of the main armament prevented the stowage of boats on deck or the stationing of unshielded personnel in combat. As a result, all anti-aircraft positions (even the smallest) were enclosed in blast shields as designed.

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World War II: Shinano, The Yamato-Class Aircraft Carrier - War Facts

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Shinano was selected for conversion to a supercarrier. The conversion process placed a heavy emphasis on armor. For example, the flight deck was designed with 17,700 tons of steel--enough to withstand a 1,000-pound bomb. With a full-load displacement of almost 72,000 tons, it was the largest aircraft carrier ever built until the commissioning of the supercarrier USS Enterprise in 1961.Shinano was designed as a support carrier, using its extensive machine shops and large fuel capacity to service aircraft operating on other carriers.

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Best Battleships of World War II - Facts and Issues

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World War 2 - During the dark days of world war 2 people were shocked by the size and power of these great ships, some are now in the bottom of the dusty ocean while others are placed in many World War II Naval museums. It is in history at a country to be a superpower should have the best in air and sea.

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