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ften I find that my mind is clouded over, and I cannot seem to find my way. I also find myself surrounded by negativity if I dare tread out my house. How to cope with negativity is important to me, as if I entertain it for too long, I may loose my way, become despondent and not be constructive to anybody, especially not myself. These are some of the thoughts and ideas, tools per say that have carried me, and allowed me to see what is of importance and real. I trust they may bring you joy and fulfillment too.

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Seeing through the cloudiness

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As clouds refer to the mind, they bridge between the Heavens and us, and therefore as we peer between the clouds we are able to see the brilliance of these Heavens, as do we have the opportunity to feel the blessings, which our Creator is raining down on us. It is incredible. By acknowledging the Creator within this natural phenomenon, we are able to thereby also see between the cloudiness of our own minds, and acknowledge our blessings in this wonderful Creation.

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Meditations using New Moon, yoga and Leonardo

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We are fast approaching a Solar Eclipse New Moon on 3 November 2013, which I am finding fascinating, and wish to share some of my thoughts, findings, and meditations.

There have been some horror stories, which have brought some amount of dread to the idea of a new moon. But on the contrary, here are some readings as to how this wonderful lunar phase, was given to us, not to worship, but to use in worshiping our Creator.

The New Moon, or as it is also known as 'the dark moon', occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the ecliptical longitude of the sun, hence appearing invisible from Earth, although it still does have a slight crescent. On a solar eclipse however, the moon does appear dark as it passes between the sun and the earth, thereby blocking all light, and is known as a syzygy.

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Watch a motivational South African rendition of talent vs crisis

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Jakhalsdansis a dynamic movie is based on fact, and depicts how a hermit musician, and a school teacher made a difference in times of crisis. There are wonderful anecdotes to be found, and the movie portrays the lifestyle of small villages to be found in the Karoo.

A widowed schoolteacher, Mara Malan (Elizma Theron) and her daughter move to a tiny Karoo Town, in the Upper Northern Cape, named Loxton. Here she finds herself in little more of a village, barely remembered for dam wall, which broke in 1961, with gravel roads and donkey carts being the order of the day. As the school opens, she finds the school is in peril of being closed due to a lack of finances.
Her daughter notices their hermit neighbor and attempts to befriend him. He leaves a letter to her mum, requesting her to please adhere to "platteland" (flatlands, rural) conduct, and control her daughter. Greatly offended, she replies that her daughter is wasting her will, to be loving and kind on his sort; implying that she will no longer allow her daughter to "throw her pearls before the swine", Matthew 7:6.

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