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he top 3 ways to make money online discussed with a no nonsense approach to making money online. While there are many sites that promise easy money, the truth is that it is about equal to working in the real world but has a little more risk involved. Herein, the best ways to make money online will be explored with no spin added. From selling products to revenue sharing sites and the details that are important. It is vital to remember that the online world is similar to the real one: you cannot make any money without working, there are no free lunches, etc.

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Sell Things

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The best way to make money online is to simply transfer the products of an existing business to the online world via a website and/or Amazon. The major benefit of online marketing is that you can reach a huge potential market quite easily. Furthermore, you can have almost any appearance you want so it is easy for a mom and pop store to look very much like a major organization, and vice versa. However the difficulties involved include competing with other global businesses and keeping up to date with trends. Regardless, if you take into account the expenses involved in placing an advertisement in the Yellow Pages verse the expenses of advertising a product online and having a web presence; it is simply ridiculous in this current age not to have an online presence. So long as you have something to sell, this is the best way to make money online.

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Create Your Own Content

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The next best way to make money online is to simply create your own content. This does not mean writing for someone else’s website, but rather creating and writing for your own. While this may not be a good possibility for some, if you can create a nice niche website with good functionality you can get a surprising amount of visitors. For example, the Cleverbot site gets a surprising amount of visitors and in turn sells advertising space and an app for what is no doubt a fair profit. Another example is Lockergnome, who creates content on technology subjects and makes money through advertisements on his site.

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Revenue Sharing

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Revenue sharing sites allow you to write content for other people’s websites and get a share of the money they make in some form or another, be it a certain percentage of the advertisements or paid directly. There are two primary benefits of this way of making money. The first is that you do not need much, if any, real technical ability and can just write content which is great if you do not have an idea for a site of your own and just want to begin making money now. The second is that you can hedge your bets by writing for many different sites and thus if a disaster befalls one you are safe with the others.

There are plenty of potential opportunities here and some that go overlooked. For example, YouTube has revenue sharing options and is without a doubt the best place to post video content. Best-reviewer, which is this site, allows you to write a top 3 or top 10 etc on any subject and make a degree of the revenue provided you have an Adsense ID. QWhatDo allows you to write ‘what to do’ content on areas and get a degree of the revenue from that, for example you can write an article on your local shopping centre and receive a degree of Adsense impressions. HubPages is another option for revenue sharing as well. There are really too many to list here, but it is a fair way of making money online provided you can write POPULAR content. Popular not necessarily meaning good, you’re analysis of Russian literature in the 18th century may be brilliant, but not popular.

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