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e all have those classes and tests that we just don’t understand! No matter how much you study, you know you won’t do well and will end up failing. Or even those days when you completely forgot you had a quiz/test! Don’t let yourself fail! Here are some quick and easy ways to hide your last-minute cheat sheets. These helpful tips and tricks should be very useful. I know I’ve used a couple of them and they work, especially #3 which you probably never would’ve thought of! Nobody will suspect you of cheating and the teacher won’t even notice. So here’s the way to an easy A!

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Write on the inside of your water bottle label

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First, make sure the water level in your bottle is below the label. This way the water won't distort your writing. Take off your water bottle label and create a cheat sheet. this can either be done in pen or pencil, but I find it easier to type it up and then print it out and tape it to the inside of the label, because sometimes the label material is hard to write on. Once you make your cheat sheet, place it back on the bottle. Tape it if you have to because you don't want it to fall off! That would be bad. This way, when you place your water bottle on your desk, you can only see the cheat sheet if you're looking into the water bottle from your point-of-view. Nobody around you will be able to see it. Just you.

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Write on the inside of a huge band-aid

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Find a huge Band-Aid and put it on your arm, knee, elbow, or thigh. Somewhere where it a big cut or scrape could be. Write in pencil on the part of the Band-Aid that would cover your cut. Pencil makes it less visible from a distance, so people won't be able to see your cheat sheet. You can even use a light pen color if you want. Just lift up the bandage when you need an answer, but don't make it obvious and turn away from wandering eyes when doing so. Make sure to write small so you can fit in all your test information, because it is a small space to write on the bandaid Nobody would ever think to put a cheat sheet there, so you won't get caught! A guaranteed A if you write down all the information you need.

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Write several cheat sheets on tissues

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Use pen to write cheat sheets on tissue. When you need an answer, just go to the trash can and face away from your teacher when "blowing your nose". You can take a look at the answers before you blow your nose and then throw the tissue away. This trick is more time consuming since your need to make several cheat sheets for each time your forget an answer, because you have to throw it away after "blowing your nose". Although time consuming, this is just as effective and it's one of my favorite ways to cheat. Guaranteed you won't get caught.

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Hopefully these tricks work for you. Cheating is the easiest way through high school. Give it a try! Good luck on the test!

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