Best Review - Top 3 waist trimming ideas for the perfect abs


etting perfect abs is a dream for many, and a reality for few. Based on a few research on the net, I gathered information and put them together for what is supposed to give you the best results. Don't expect it to happen overnight though. It demands patience and discipline. You have to practice daily if you are serious about it. If getting great abs was easy you wouldn't read this post.

Make sure you eat right too. No need to train for great abs if you keep hiding them below a thick layer of fat. Yes you can have great abs but not see them! Ideally to get a 6 packs your BMI should be below 10% for men and 15% for females.

So learn more about resistance exercises, Ab Rocket Twister, abs workout and all sort of abdominal exercises that will help you achieve the perfect abs. If you have any question feel free to post them in the comments below.

ab rocket twister
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Resistance training: Advantages and benefits

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Resistance training includes weight training, stretching exercises, and bending which can improve muscle strength as well as the power of the person exercising.

Resistance workout is generally recommended for athletes, but can be practices by anyone above 18 year. For teens up to 18, resistance training requires great care.

Resistance training should not be very strong nor aggressive, because it can damage muscles and may have adverse effects on the bone structure. When done in moderation, the benefits of resistance workout extend across age groups, even for the elderly. Read on to discover the benefits of resistance exercise training.

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Get the proper diet

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Cut the junk food. ALL of it. forget the chips, fries, frozen food, ready meals, burgers and start a health diet: raw fruits and vegetables, grilled fish and meat.

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get an ab toning machine like the Ab Rocket Twister

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Ab toning machines based on resistance exercise deliver the best results with the least efforts. If you practice daily, you should start seeing encouraging results after 3-4 weeks

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