Best Review - Top 3 Top 3 Ways To Eat Pizza

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Top 3 ways to eat pizza. One. Use a knife and fork and dissect your pizza carefully before eating. Two. Use your hands and stuff your face with pizza. Three. A combination of the above eating methods. Eat your pizza today! Eating pizza should be done when the cheese on the pizza is nice and hot and melted, so that the cheese is nice and stringy. Make sure your pizza is sliced so that it is easy to break apart, because there's nothing worse than having all of your pizza toppings falling off. Eat Pizza With Knife And Fork When eating your pizza with a knife and fork, it is a good idea to make sure that the pizza is sliced right, before eating. Eat Pizza With Your Hands Ditch the knife and fork and eat with your hands, go back to the caveman within and be a slob, who cares, it's lovely pizza! Eat With Hands And Knife And Fork Sometimes mutl tasking when eating a pizza can be ideal, so that you can finish your pizza before everyone else. Enjoy your pizza!
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I take it you're a pizza fan.

I take it you're a pizza fan. I used to work in the local pizza restaurant, so I had to take a look!