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hat do you need to know to help you choose your next SUP. Stand Up Paddle Boards or SUP‘s as they are frequently called are rising in popularity all across the country. As a sport they are comparable to sufing combined with kayaking. As a form of workout, they are comparable to no other fitness routine out there! Many women on average can burn between 500-700 calories and hour, and men 700-1000 calories per hour while stand up paddle boarding. This is an amazing way to get fit through a fun sport.

Like any sport or fitness trend, people want the best equipment. So what are the best stand up paddle boards? What characteristics make a good one and where can you buy a stand up paddle board that will satisfy your needs as either a novice, intermediate, or advanced paddle boarder. What is it that you need to know and watch out for when choosing your SUP?

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Paddle Board

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Board Length/Style: Typically they range from 9’6″ up to 12’6″ and sometimes for the largest operators. The small size is more common and the most popular and like a surfboard, is best for performance as opposed to the large cruiser models. They also feature padded deck grip with concave or double concave bottoms, with three fins for turn and directional stability. Read on....

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SUP Paddles: What to Look for

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You can’t stand up paddle board without a SUP paddle! But what are the best options for YOU? There are many factors to consider when selecting an appropriate modelfor your excursions. Length, weight, material… there is a lot to consider. The Best Paddle Boards is here to help you get on the water with the right gear.

The following is a guide to help inform you of the factors that go into an appropriate SUP paddle for your next trip on the water. Read on...

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Paddle Boards for Sale

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When looking for paddle boards for sale there is no shortage of places to look. From great online retailers like to bricks and mortar stores such as Paddle Surf Hawaii stand up paddle boards are everywhere and in every shape, style, and size imaginable. The Best Paddle Baords is here to help you find the right paddle board for you. Whether you want a SUP for fitness, racing or just cruising around for fun, we endeavour to provide the resources you need to find paddle boards for sale. Read on ...

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