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he supernatural has always intrigued me, time travel, intent of elements, and the sorts plays an important role to me. Nevertheless, sharing my self with my daughter, I do find myself watching the most incredible movies and television series. So here are some books, and quotes and findings on these interests.

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To be or not to be.

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The Shakespearean timeless life quote, 'to be or not to be: that is the question." Hamlet Act III, Sc. I. I find great energy in this magnificent quotation; it reminds me that I am a human being. I live in my now and need only be me, I am not a human to do-ing, nor a human of the past. Loving the old classical books, quotes, phrases and of course movies, it occurred to me, I pondered on how far the phrase, or frase as it is often spelt today, 'to be or not to be' has grown. . .

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About Time for Family

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From the creators of Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, About Time has finally been released. Thus far, the movie scores 7.7 on IMDb ratings and has won the San Sebastian International Film Festival 2013 award for Best European Film, honoring director and writer Richard Curtis.

Starring Domhnall Gleeson as Tim, and Rachel Mc Adams as Mary, the movie is about Tim having the ability to time travel in order to do things correctly, and his overwhelming desire to love.

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Our Supernatural Messengers

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I have recently been watching Vampire Diaries with my daughter, Julia. I must admit that there is something alluring about the series, other than the fascinating wardrobe. Albeit their mannerisms, beliefs, and symbols are rather intriguing too, I do however feel there is something more profound.
Based on a series of books by the same name, The Vampire Diaries has managed to add new energy to each household that it has 'been invited into', as vampires may only enter a home once invited. The drama television series, which was developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec tells a story of supernatural beings, doppelgängers and witches, as it explains the origins of the family of Original Vampires, each and all justifying their own subterfuge in a small fictional town.

However, is this series, or the Hobbit, or Harry Potter for that matter so far from the truth when it actually comes down to the sacred scriptures? Can they not aid us in being more aware of how powerful we as humans actually are?

Not all angels are of 'angelic nature'
Proverbs 16:14
"As messengers of death is the king's wrath,
But a wise man will appease it."

Proverbs. 17:11
An evil man seeks only rebellion;
Therefore a cruel messenger will be sent against him.

Psalm 104:4 portrays the supernatural qualities of spirit and fire of 'messengers'.

Who makes His angels spirits,
His ministers a flame of fire,
You who laid the foundations of the earth,
So that it should not be moved forever,
You covered it with the deep as with a garment
The waters stood above the mountains
At Your rebuke they fled;
At the voice of Your thunder they hastened away.

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I guess there are many ways in which life, religion, or spirituality can be seen as a 'Where's Waldo' moment.


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