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he top three best soundboards for use in making prank calls listed. Prank Calls using soundboards are some of the more popular videos on YouTube. A soundboard is when collections small audio clips are arranged on a board to be clicked and played. This means you can use bits and pieces of sounds from an actor or celebrity to have conversations with others, sometimes seamlessly. People often also record these conversations and upload them to YouTube for others to hear. Here is a list of the best soundboards for prank calls with explanations as to why some of them are so good.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard is, and will likely forever be, the best soundboard for Prank Calls. The mixture of his Austrian accent, obnoxiously loud characters and some of the funniest insult lines make this soundboard by far the best for pranks.

Top 2

Dr. Phil

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The Dr. Phil soundboard works because people hate being given advice about how to live their lives. As a result, it is likely to induce a strongly negative reaction and can be hilariously funny.

Top 3

Duke Nukem

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The most insulting of the soundboards, with some lines that are simply disgusting, the Duke Nukem soundboard can illicit amazingly negative responses from people and for good reason. The insults are simply past the line.

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