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eople who follow the new age movement and spiritual communities are aware that the idea of profound spiritual transformation is being discussed. Many people are reporting increasingly intense phenomena, both physically and mentally. Some people feel as if their personalities are changing rapidly, as preferences, habits, and groups of friends may change. They're also reporting bigger changes in energy levels, sometimes feeling lethargic and sometimes bursting with energy. Those who tend to believe in the spiritual discussions feel that these are symptoms of strong changes occurring in Earth's magnetic energy fields and the more subtle energy currents that order the cosmos. Many are looking to this time as one of quick and fa-reaching evolution. It may be hard to understand or seem bizarre, but more and more information keeps popping up about such topics.

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Maya 12 21 2012

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This whole site is a countdown to the shift of ages that happens at the end of 2012. This page lists some of the common ascension symptoms.

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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

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This is a whole site devoted to information and resources regarding the changes people and the world at large are experiencing.

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Star Child Global

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This site is about the crystalline body and star children. This message is channeled from Archangel Michael.

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As more people experience the strange and interesting signs of spiritual transformation, we must be discerning with where we get our information from.

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