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election Sunday starts! The annual March Madness show brings together a unique form of insanity with thumping of balls, boots, hoots, hoops, dances, weird rituals that will culminate with the NCAA tournament winner. But before that there is Selection Sunday to go through!

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Selection, Seeding and Bracketing

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Well this is the obvious purpose of the Selection Sunday. But what i have come to realise from reading how it happens is that - its true madness! Some team select themselves automatically. The rest apparently is based on opinion, observations, hearsay, discussions!!! Howzatt for some big time fun and surprises!

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"Sweating Bubble teams"

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Theres absolutely nothing the teams cn do now. The bubble teams weill have to seat it out for the decisions while huddled together over the TV set and maybe at their community dressing room. The wise ones will get popcorns and watch a movie!

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This will come after the prising out the best from the bubble and selection and seeding. The brackets will be put up worldwide on desktops and dorms and each one will be unique. There will be after all the fantasy leagues to play depending on the brackets!

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Selection Sunday is a high amp trial for the nerves of those poor guys, the players and their coaches. For some there will not be another year to make the limelight. It might just make the difference between a life of extreme fame and fortune and being relegated to the middle class. The thetrics and show are just a part of being American I guesss! Thatre in sports I should call it!

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