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ave you heard of Wizzley? If not, then this is your lucky day. Wizzley is one of those nifty sites that can simply be classified as a Squidoo "clone" or "alternative." That said, just like Squidoo, Wizzley has features and functions that resemble that of Squidoo. For instance, just like Squidoo, Wizzley also employs a revenue-sharing program which all the members can participate in. And just like Squidoo, you can earn from Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program, AllPosters, and Zazzle. It's a fairly new site, but everyday, many authors register with Wizzley.

If you're a Squidoo lensmaster, you might want to check out Wizzley and compare them. At first, I didn't like Wizzley because it's too simple. It doesn't have a lot of modules as compared with Squidoo. And the site doesn't allow you to put your own Amazon affiliate links.

But one of the strengths of the site that I love is its layout. It may be too simple, but I personally like the layout compared with Squidoo's.

So if you have time, I strongly suggest that you head over to Wizzley and register. The last time I checked, it has PR3. So if you want to build some backlinks, Wizzley can be a good option.

But if you want to know more about Wizzley, the better. As a matter of fact, this top is all about Wizzley. I created a free guide about it, and I'd like to share it with you.

free wizzley guide
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Making Money Writing with Wizzley

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This article is from one of my blogs called I've included a short introduction and a short review about Wizzley. Go over it and see how it compares with Squidoo.

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Get Your FREE Wizzley Guide Here

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This is another article that gives you a link to the free guide on Wizzley that I created.

Top 3

Wizzley 101: Wizzle Your Way to Fortune (Part 1)

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This is the direct link to the first part of the free guide I created on Wizzley. I uploaded the guide on Scribd, so clicking the link will direct you to it. You are free to download the guide if you wish, or print it out if you want.

Do you like this top?

Now that you've learned a thing or two about Wizzley, what do you think? Do you see any potential? If you're still not convinced, I suggest that you head over to the site and read what the authors have to say, especially the top-earners.

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