Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Why "Alicia Keys - Sleeping With A Broken Heart (official video)" Has a Lot to Offer

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The lovely song, with the catchy beat, may have you identify strongly to the words of hope - for the broken-hearted. Also, it may make you mesmerized by Alicia's beauty, and amazing singing ability. The Blend of the Simple Mix and Smooth Voice - Rock The music mix, along with Alicia Key's amazing voice - are excellent. Identifying Message For the Broken-Hearted - and a Supportive Anchoring Tool For Moving-On The emotion in the video presentation, and the touching lyrical message - presents itself to be supportive, and empowering, for the broken-hearted. A Blend of Giftedness - Support - Sensualness - and Beauty Alicia Keys exhibits her great talent, and graceful loveliness - by singing in this sensual, and empowering video.
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alicia keys is still young

alicia keys is still young and can go further. i like her song 'no one'