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,m sure 95% of you guys will agree with me on this. We all have our reasons, sure, but I'm sure 90% of you will agree with me on this very short, simple and effortless list I just made.

Btw: Apperantly I need at least 100 words to get a pass. For your viewing pleasure, here's some lyrics from a song:
I got broads in Atlanta
Twisting dope, lean, and the Fanta
Credit cards and the scammers
Hitting off licks in the bando
Black X6, Phantom
White X6 looks like a panda
Going out like I’m Montana
Hundred killers, hundred hammers
Black X6, Phantom
White X6, panda

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I need the money.

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Yeah, im broke as a joke and the punchline ain't funny. I have a part-time job, but my expenses goes over my salary's head. Many of you probaly do this on the side to make extra income because we can all agree at more money is better than no money.

Top 2

Seriously? I can make money writing reviews?

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I love the idea. I love watching movies or shows and will probaly write about them in the future. I also love judging people and things and will do what I can to ruin your day.

Top 3

I have way to much sparetime.

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There's really nothing else to do, you know. I'm being productive in my own way.

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