Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Don Cornelius May Have Commited Suicide


adly, soul train founder Don Cornelius was found dead in his home in Sherman Oaks California on feb. 01, 2012. At the time of his death, he was going through a messy divorce from wife Victoria, since 2009. He had some fiancial trouble and he also had health issues that may have contributed to his depression, and he had serious health issues as well. These all may have contributed to his suicide. He leaves behind children, and a legacy that will never die. His son, Tony Cornelius stated to The Hollywood reporter "He was not feeling well so it's really hard to say why my dad decided he had had enough. It's just one of those things. You just never know what someone is thinking. I can tell you due to health, things like divorce and relationships, there's all kinds of things that may trigger a reaction like that. But as his son, as one who was really close, I can't tell you (why).".He will be remembered for being the platform that many soul artist got their careers launched from.

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Don Cornelius's Heath issues

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In the 1980's Don Cornelius had undergone a 21 hour brain surgery to correct a congenital malformation in blood vessels in his brain. He is quoted as saying he "didn't feel the same since" And traveling had become a challenge for him. In fact, during the last three decades of his life he was plagued by health issues and was in constant pain.

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Don Cornelius's financial trouble and trouble with the law

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His personal life had been plagued by trouble as well. In 2008 he was infact arrested for "felony domestic violence". He allegedly attacked his at the time estraged wife Victoria Avila-Cornelius. And in 2009 he plead "no contest" to one count of "corpral injury resulting in traumatic condition of a spouse". He served no jail time, but was but on probation for 36 months and ordered to pay over 1,000 in fines. His wife has filed multiple restraining orders on him. He has also had severe financial troubles since their 2009 divorce.

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Don Cornelius's Divorce from Victoria

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After a long and messy divorce from ex-wife Victoria, he was in financial ruin. He wrote in court papers "I am 72 years old, I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die". The judge granted him a quick divorce after that, but the long battle took a toll on him. Rest in peace.

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In conclusion, we should all take time out to reach out to our elders, and make sure they are okay.

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This was a great article I

This was a great article I read about Don Cornelius, you have not heard a lot about him since his death. It was well written, well worded and to the point about what was going on in his life, right before he took his on life. Good job!!!