Best Review - Top 3 Out of Body Experience Resources

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With a growing interest in human potential and the awakening of consciousness, more and more people are becoming interested in astral travel. Are there safe ways to project your consciousness so that you can see, learn, and experiences things that are not in the same location as your physical body? As an explorer of the metaphysical myself, I've found these pages on out of body experiences to be quite informative and helpful. How To Have an Out of Body Experience How to have an OBE is a blog that breaks preparation for astral travel down into steps. It is thorough and yet not too technical. A great reference guide for those wishing to have out f body experiences. Paranormal About usually displays several articles on a given subject and gives the reader a good overviews. The pages on astral travel are no exception. Astral Projection Guide This Squidoo lens lays nicely lays out some introductory ideas. It's conveniently formatted so that you can get the info by scrolling down on one page. Also includes discussion forum.
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