Best Review - Top 3 Online games of this year


nline games are the most enjoyable games nowadays as long as it have infinite events and updates every day/month... also being in community of video games skilled players from the whole world , seems cool, specially when you are addicted to online games. I’m here today to share my best online games that can make you enjoy your time and join the biggest community of the best online games .

Best online games of this year
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League of Legends

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League of Legends is one of the best online games since at least 2012 , it’s a popular game had about 12 million people a day, and about 32 million unique players every month. Nowadays it have +100 million player. Added to this , the system requirements are low . So everyone can enjoy playing this game. It’s my favorite game too , i advice you guys to join the other world of online games.

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Hearthstone had more than 50 million players log in last month .The game was released since 2 years ago , and now it beats the highest record of online game players .

Top 3

Dota 2

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Dota 2 has about 15 million players . This game has direct online wars, fighting , team death match etc... it is one of the best online games i adice you to try.

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