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ll girls love Cheerleading, and with it's Motion Sensitive Wireless Controllers, the Nintendo Wii lends itself perfectly to all kinds of Cheerleading and Dancing games, indeed these are one of the most popular categories of game on the Nintendo Wii game system. This is a review of the Top 3 Cheerleading games for the Nintendo Wii, and they would make the perfect gift for any girl who enjoys dancing and cheerleading. Click on any of the reviewed items below to see a full review of the game and feedback from people who own it.

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We Cheer

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With lots of hit songs, girls can dance and cheer to the hottest music from artists of the past, present and future. Groove to teen sensations Hilary Duff and Aly and AJ to the 70¿s disco bands. Endless Character Customization - Create your ultimate cheerleader by customizing her with the perfect competition outfit. Engaging Modes - Choose a mode that suits your mood. Burn some calories in Exercise Mode, compete for the Captain position in 2 player Campaign Mode or play with up to 4 players in Party Mode and show them who is the #1 cheerleader.
Really Addictive Gameplay - Get totally immersed in the game by using your entire body to spin, kick, jump and dance to various choreographed routines.

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We Cheer 2

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We Cheer 2 features a brand new soundtrack of 30 chart-topping, family-friendly hits that will get you energized and ready to cheer. Dance as part of the ultimate cheer team as you lose yourself in the music and the moves and give in to We Cheer 2's addictive gameplay. Customize more than 40 male and female characters to create your perfect team with features, including hair, eyes, eyebrows, lips, skin tone and face art, as well as all sorts of attire. Wave your Wii Remotes like pompoms and perform full-body dance moves and cheers using the brightly colored on-screen trace lines as a guide. Choose from several modes ranging from Training Mode, Exercise Mode all the way to Championship Mode.

Top 3

All Star Cheer Squad

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Use the Wii Fit Board to balance and perform stunts. Use the Wii remote and nunchuck to perform dozens of real-world cheer/dance moves. Compete in squad and one-on-one cheer-offs. Customize the look of your team including body, facial features, hair and outfits. Learn new moves and choreograph your own cheer routines to music.

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I hope these reviews helped to give you some good ideas on the which are the best Cheerleading games on the Nintendo Wii for the Cheerleader in your family. You can find more reviews and information on the best Cheerleading games for the Nintendo Wii on Squidoo.

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mulberry's picture

I'm sure I would have love

I'm sure I would have love this one a kid.

Treasures By Brenda's picture

Who knew there were Nintendo

Who knew there were Nintendo Wii games about cheerleaders!?!