Best Review - Top 3 Most Powerful Female Singers 2010


orbes The Celebrity 100, released every year in June, is also dubbed as The World's Most Powerful Celebrities.

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No. 1 - Beyoncé Knowles

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Beyoncé Knowles ranks No. 2 in Forbes Celebrity 100 this year. This makes Beyoncé the No. 1 Most Powerful Female Singer of the year.

Beyoncé climbs two spots to No. 2 on this year's Forbes list, raking in $87 million over the course of the year. Her 93-stop world tour grossed more than $85 million, bolstering a portfolio that includes album sales, her growing House of Dereon fashion line and a slew of endorsement deals, ranging from Nintendo to L'Oreal. Continuing to expand her business empire beyond music, the female half of hip-hop's most powerful couple (other half is husband Jay-Z) also released her first fragrance, Heat, earlier this year.

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No. 2 - Lady Gaga

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Surprise, surprise! Lady Gaga catapults onto No. 4 of Forbes Celebrity 100, ranking ahead of much more established pop stars like Madonna (No. 10) and U2 (No. 7). Her 106-date world tour and her willingness to partner with corporations like Virgin Mobile and Polaroid led her to this amazing leap to power earning her an estimated $62 million this year. What's more, her fame and theatricality have brought her gobs of press coverage, while her music videos have made her something of an Internet sensation. The proof as they say is in the pudding, or in this case in the fashion-forward rocker ranks first for social media and Web presence among the Forbes Celebrity 100.

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No. 3 - Britney Spears

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Not long ago, you and I and most of the entertainment world had written Britney Spears off as a celebrity gonner. But over the last year Britney Spears logged the fifth highest-grossing tour in the world playing 98 dates, bringing in $130 million in gross box office receipts . It also helped that she got high-profile endorsement deals with Elizabeth Arden and Candies' proving that the former Mouseketeer is expected to stay in the spotlight for a long time, if not for good.

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With Oprah Winfrey as No. 1, Beyoncé came in as No. 2, James Cameron as No. 3. and new-comer Lady Gaga leaped into fourth place to the amazement of all, other than her fans, of course. And Britney Spears came in as No. 6.

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I love this review. I have

I love this review. I have copied the url to put in my blog. thanks

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I didn't know Brittany had

I didn't know Brittany had made such a strong comeback. Good for her. I love Beyonce...she really seems like a beautiful person.

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Interesting review, i like.

Interesting review, i like.