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hat bots, sometimes called Chatter bots, can be great fun to mess around with in your spare time or even to pursue as an academic study. Over time they have grown more and more sophisticated, delivering responses that are increasingly life like. Herein, I will detail three of the most fun chat bots with information on how they can specifically be entertaining.

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Cleverbot is without doubt the most popular of the chat bots and arguably the most fun. While I would not personally say it is a particularly intelligent chat bot, what makes it fun is that it records user’s answers. This ultimately results in it providing the kinds of answers humans give, which are insulting and controversial. Furthermore, because it is a learning bot it picks up absurd ideas about itself and the world such as the belief that it is a unicorn.

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iGod works by pretending to be god, thus offering user’s the chance to speak to god. What makes it fun to use is that it is the worst example of god ever, making it easy to shoot down and argue with. iGod is a fun, but sometimes frustrating chat bot as it avoids tough questions rather than making errors. In a way, though, this is a sign of intelligence.

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MrMind is a great chat bot that twists the concept around by making it the task of the user to prove to the bot that it is human. This is a really fun twist of the Turing Test and is a great way of teaching young technology students about AI.

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many video chat rooms are

many video chat rooms are flooded with bots. Make sure to ask for a webcam.

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Not really sure precisely

Not really sure precisely what that has to do with the most fun chat bots, unless you are into that sort of thing!