Best Review - Top 3 Most Efficient Prepaid Cell Phones For Emergency Use

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Let's say you're in a tight spot and you need to get in contact with a person but you don't have a cell phone. You decide to go and get yourself a prepaid cellular phone just in case of those situations but you don't which ones are the most efficient. Here are the four that you should look into before going to buying one that will save you money. AT&T's Go Phone If you are going to go for the Go Phone, make sure that you get the $100.00 which expires in 12 months. So you figured it's $8.33 per month. Tracfone If you're going to go with the Tracfone, be sure to get the $19.99 refill card. That'll expired within 3 months and if you do the math, that's $6.67 per month. T-Moblie's Pay As You Go Whether it's the $25.00 or the $100.00 plan, either one will give you the same results and you will get the best out of your dollar with $25 (expires in 3 months) and $100 (expires in 12 months) both rates at $8.33 per month.
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