Best Review - Top 3 Methods to Fix Outlook 'Not Implemented' Error in Windows 10


S Outlook is prone to errors. Some of the errors are caused due to update problem or some errors occur because of internal problems. Outlook notifies the error using message code and among these errors one of the errors is ‘Not Implemented’. It is usually indicative of problems that might encounter in the application. But before solving the error check the reasons that cause it.

There is not a particular problem that causes this error. It may depend upon the add-ins, settings of sending and receiving mail, corrupt PST file and other issues. Thus the error can be solved by checking one problem step by stepwise. Check out the steps to resolve Outlook ‘Not implemented’ error in windows 10.

Fix Outlook Errors By Repairing PST
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Fix Error By Changing Outlook SRS File

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To provide better performance MS Outlook saves mostly used actions in .srs file. It saves the preferences and personal Send/ Receive settings in SRS.
Change the .srs settings by recreating it
Enter the file path name in windows explorer according to the version of windows installed
Enter path C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\
Locate the SRS file and rename it like outlook.srs.old
Restart outlook and the file will be created automatically
Now check send/receive operation
This will fix the Outlook error

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Resolve Outlook Error by Disabling Add-ins and starting Outlook in Safe mode

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While add-ins are created to manage outlook task efficiently, they sometimes appear to be harmful. If Outlook is updated and it is no longer compatible with the add-in, it will show ‘Not implemented Error’.
Go to start and open the run window
Type outlook.exe/ safe and press OK
Move to Outlook options then Add-ins and click GO
The dialog box with installed add-ins will appear, Uncheck all the add-ins to disable them
Now click on send/ receive, reply, forward to check error is resolved
Remove each add-in one by one to know the cause and fix problem

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Create A New Outlook Profile and Make Outlook Error Free

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If the above two options doesn’t help then you can create new Outlook profile
Go to Control panel window and select ‘Mail’
Click on Show profiles tab, a new dialog box will appear
Now click on Add button to set up new profile
Create the account and check the error is solved or not
This is a great method to fix outlook errors as it clears all the unwanted files and reduce the PST size.

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Some other methods that can be used to rid out of ‘Not Implemented’ error repairing corrupt PST file or repair Office from Uninstall program wizard. These methods will easily fix the error and you can continue to work on MS Outlook.

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