Best Review - Top 3 Means of finding a sure path to enlightenment.


n our ever busy cycles of dealing with life's realities that often catch us unawares, it is essential to reconsider what it is we are searching for, what it is that is blinding us to our true inner selves, and to regain our direction, or inner selves. Through means of tarot and sacred scriptures, I have decided to share with you my meditations on finding inner enlightenment, a guide to assist you on your path.

We have a natural guide, we only need look to find the way.
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1 The Magician

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Most importantly it is essential to delve into numerology, as One represents unity, the number of our Creator.
The magician is not some person with a funny hat, waving a wand around, shouting 'abracadabra'! No, the magician is you, you as part of this universe, you as part of this creation, and you with the ability to utilize that, which God has created in order to recreate your own circumstances. Your unison with your Creator. As the sun and the moon, the stars and the entire universe revolves and evolves, so too do you. You are an essential creation; you have purpose and meaning in this universe, as nothing transpires by accident or coincidence.
The Magician card is a reminder that you ought to remember who you are, and thereby re-member yourself with this universe and your Creator. The magician, understanding his part in creation, is aware of cyclic behavior and the manipulation thereof.

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XVIII The Moon

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The moon card represents the reflection on past lives pertaining to confusion, cyclic patterns, emergence, emotion, influencing dynamics intense self-reflection, and perplexity.
As the moon has no light of her own, she reflects the light off the sun. The moon influences the tides and the seasons; thereby she also influences us as humans, being 80% water. The bible speaks of the New Moon as a marking of the Sabbath in Ezekiel 46, 'and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened'

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IX The Hermit

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IX The Hermit represents a time of aloneness.
Albeit the hermit is slow footed, he is most certainly sure footed, as each stride he takes is taken with certainty. The Hermit understands the concept that every of his actions is followed by subsequent consequences. He acts with deliberation with everything he does, thinks, and utters. Having chosen a path of seclusion, the hermit has distanced himself from the strife of the outside world, allowing himself to bond with his Creator, and thereby follow his path to enlightenment.

In his left hand, representing the Hermit's sub conscious, he carries with him a staff, which represents Higher Spiritual Authority and Power as seen by priests, saints and the papacy. In his right hand he carries with him a lantern, which represents his inner enlightenment, thereby signifying his means of guidance.

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I trust these wonderful readings may add some light to your path, and wish you the best energy on your journey. Please feel free to contact me if there is any way I can be of assistance to you. You are never alone, lost or inadequate, you do have all you need to reach the destiny you seek. The God within me recognizes the God within you. Namasté.

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