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hile the overall beauty of a necklace, bracelet, or ring is by far the most important thing to look for, there are little markings that appear on precious metals that can be confusing to people. This article explains some important things to know about those markings.

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Carat Markings

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On gold metal, if the mark 18K, 14K, or some other number appears, it indicates how pure the gold is. In America, the top purity usually is around 22K, but in other countries where gold is plentiful, such as Brazil, 24K (almost pure gold) is standard. Other abbreviations may be 14ct or 18Kt, for example.

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Three-Digit Numbers

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These resemble, for example, 925 or .750. They represent the percentage of precious metal, be it gold or silver, that is contained in the mixture that composes the metal. The percentage is expressed in thousandths, for example 925 means 92.5% pure gold, silver, or other precious metal.

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Correlation Between Carats and Degree of Purity

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The lower the carat number, the lower the purity. For example, 10K (ten carats) is only 41% precious metal, the rest being some alloy mixed in with it. At 12K, you have 50% precious metal (e.g., gold), then 59% at 14K, 75% at 18K, 92% at 22K, and 99.95% purity at 24K.

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With this knowledge you will approach a jewelry shop more confidently in the future than if you didn't know these things.

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