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an You Make Money on Hubpages? Read these three articles on Hubpages to learn about how you can start writing unique articles on Hubpages and earn some extra money. Hubpages lets you earn money in a few different ways. First you can earn a 60% share of the ad impressions, which includes not only Google Adsense ads but also 60% of the impressions in the Hubpages Ad program.

In addition to that you can also earn commissions from the sale of Amazon or eBay products. For the Amazon program you have to join the Amazon associates program separately and then enter your Amazon Associate ID tracking code into your Hubpages profile settings. But for eBay, you can join the eBay program through Hubpages. You have to sign up, but it is from within your Hubpages earnings settings. Just like the ad revenue, your tracking codes for Amazon and eBay will be shown 60% of the time. If someone purchases an item when your code is being shown, you'll earn the commission.

And finally, Hubpages has a referral program where you can get 10% of the impressions for a page if you refer a new member to Hubpages and they create new hubs. In addition to that, you can link to other people's articles with your own referral link and you'll earn a portion of the impressions for a limited time.

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If You Want to Be Rich, You NEED to Read This!

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How much money do you want to earn? What steps should you be doing to get there? JOIN Hubpages HERE

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How to get started earning money in HubPages

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An introduction to read before you decide if you should start writing on Hubpages. JOIN Hubpages HERE

Top 3

HubPages for Dummies A to Z - Part 1

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A comprehensive overview for beginners starting out on Hubpages from how to sign up for Hubpages to how to set up all your settings in your account. This Hubpage continues into a part 2 and a part 3 for intermediate and advanced users. JOIN Hubpages HERE

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